Mason Ball (close personal friend and confidant of Benjamin Louche) was born in Essex, but he escaped. When not capering about foolishly with Mr. Louche, he writes things.


Mason graduated in 2009 from London Metropolitan University, having received a first class honours degree in Creative Writing, finishing within the university's top 50 students. His work was shortlisted and published three times in the annual University Student Anthology, and in his second year he won the Sandra Ashman award for his poem Mother Theresa in the Winner’s Enclosure.

Mason has subsequently had work published in Succour Magazine and Brand Magazine.

In July 2015 his book The Menagerie - a fairy tale (with asides), illustrated by Jon Attfield, was launched.

Coming this spring is his full-length novel The Dutch Wives, or The Thirty Five Timely & Untimely Deaths Of Cumberland County, which was crowdfunded on the Unbound website.


An actor and performer of sorts for much of his adult life, Mason would quite like one day to write for a living, so as to never have to dress up as a bar of chocolate again. No, that's not a joke, that actually happened; there are pictures.

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